"The Ultimate Evil God" is the last episode of Danny Phantom series. it premiered on Nickelodeon on TBA as a one-hour episode consisting of three parts (which constituted the 48th and 50th episodes, respectively) and was the fifth and final TV movie in the series. this TV Movie and Last Episode is also a Series Finale.


Major CharactersEdit

Heroes: Dany Phantom, Danny Phantom, Sam Manson, Jack Fenton, Ancestors of Ghost (Flashback) and Maddie Fenton.

Anti-Heroes: Every Villains (betrayed by Trigon) and Every Ghost (betrayed by Trigon)

Supporting Characters: Louise Abuel (kidnapped by Trigon)

Villains: Trigon, Dark Danny Phantom (Trigon's Guardian), Vlad Plasmius (Trigon's Servant), Trigon's Minions

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